Nintendo unveils cardboard Labo VR headset for the Switch

Nintendo unveils cardboard Labo VR headset for the Switch

The Nintendo Switch gets a cardboard VR headset for self-mating. With this Labo kit, users can slip into the skin of an elephant or take off as a bird.

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2017, there are rumors that the manufacturer wants to publish its own headset for virtual reality applications. Now it was officially announced – but completely different than expected. The VR glasses appear as another craft kit within the Labo range and, like the packages already available, is designed as a mix of foldable cardboard and the hardware of the Switch.

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For basic VR features, users need to buy a starter kit that they can use to make a more or less classic headset out of cardboard and plastic along with the mobile part of the switch. However, no one should expect a particularly good image quality: the lenses are made of plastic, the resolution is theoretically just 640 x 720 pixels per eye – as parts of the screen are probably covered, it should actually be a bit less.

In addition, the starter kit is a craft sheet for a blaster, so a kind of VR cannon. In addition, there are two extensions that allow users to fold a VR elephant trunk, as well as similar arches for a bird, a camera and a wind pedal – what the latter should be and what you can do with it remains for the time being the secret of Nintendo. As always with Labo there are software for the objects, so an interactive crafting instructions and games. So far there is no further information available.

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The VR-craft arches will appear on 12 April 2019 worldwide. Nintendo has not yet called prices, but in the US, the starter kit will cost around 40 US dollars, the extensions are available for $ 20 each. Optionally, there is a complete package for around 80 US dollars. In Europe, prices are likely to be in similar regions. According to Nintendo, the VR mode is suitable for children over the age of seven.

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