How To Use The Hidden Web Browser On Nintendo Switch

How To Use The Hidden Web Browser On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is still missing an official browser app to surf the Internet or play Netflix . However, there is a hidden built-in browser that you can open as follows.

Nintendo Switch: this is how you use the hidden web browser

1.Go to Settings> Internet> Internet Settings .

2.Select your WLAN and then ” change settings “.

3.Sets the ” DNS Settings ” to ” manual “.

4.Below this you enter the IP address for ” Primary DNS server ” and click Save .

5.Touch “Connect to this network. “

6.Now an indication appears that a registration is necessary. But you do not need to register now. Touch ” Next “.

7.It opens the “SwitchBru DNS” website.

8.Right on ” Continue to Google “.

9.Now you see Google .

10.Under the search box, tap on ” Google ” to open the Google page.

Now you can surf the Internet on the Switch and search for other websites. Use the left stick to move the selection point on the screen. You can also simply tap on the screen. With the right stick, you can either zoom in or out.

Reopen the browser on the switch

To reopen the browser later, proceed as follows:

  • Navigate to: Settings> Internet> Internet Settings.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and then ” Connect to this network “.
  • In this way you come back to Google as described above via the “SwitchBru DNS” website.

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Nintendo eShop and updates are not working

Since you have registered another DNS server, the Nintendo eShop and updates no longer work. To undo the whole, you have to set the DNS settings back to ” Automatic “. However, then the browser does not work anymore.

Fortunately, the switch stores the previous DNS address in the cache. That means you can change relatively quickly.

Whether you’re on the move, at home on the couch, alone or against other players, the Switch is just the right console for it. And by the end of the year, the switch will also get numerous games. Tell us, which is your must-have title for Nintendo Switch?

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