How To Use The Hidden Web Browser On Nintendo Switch

How To Use The Hidden Web Browser On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is still missing an official browser app to surf the Internet or play Netflix . However, there is a hidden built-in browser that you can open as follows.

Nintendo Switch: this is how you use the hidden web browser

1.Go to Settings> Internet> Internet Settings .

2.Select your WLAN and then ” change settings “.

3.Sets the ” DNS Settings ” to ” manual “.

4.Below this you enter the IP address for ” Primary DNS server ” and click Save .

5.Touch “Connect to this network. “

6.Now an indication appears that a registration is necessary. But you do not need to register now. Touch ” Next “.

7.It opens the “SwitchBru DNS” website.

8.Right on ” Continue to Google “.

9.Now you see Google .

10.Under the search box, tap on ” Google ” to open the Google page.

Now you can surf the Internet on the Switch and search for other websites. Use the left stick to move the selection point on the screen. You can also simply tap on the screen. With the right stick, you can either zoom in or out.

Reopen the browser on the switch

To reopen the browser later, proceed as follows:

  • Navigate to: Settings> Internet> Internet Settings.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and then ” Connect to this network “.
  • In this way you come back to Google as described above via the “SwitchBru DNS” website.

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Nintendo announces improved Switch model with better battery life

How to Access Nintendo eShop From Any Country

Nintendo eShop and updates are not working

Since you have registered another DNS server, the Nintendo eShop and updates no longer work. To undo the whole, you have to set the DNS settings back to ” Automatic “. However, then the browser does not work anymore.

Fortunately, the switch stores the previous DNS address in the cache. That means you can change relatively quickly.

Whether you’re on the move, at home on the couch, alone or against other players, the Switch is just the right console for it. And by the end of the year, the switch will also get numerous games. Tell us, which is your must-have title for Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo announces improved Switch model with better battery life

Nintendo announces improved Switch model with better battery life

For nearly three hours you can play the Nintendo switch role-playing game “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” with fully charged battery. How long the battery lasts, is basically dependent on the software – graphically elaborate titles need more power. Up to six and a half hours are maximum in it.

Significantly longer game time is possible with an improved switch model coming on the market in early September. In the mentioned case of “The Legend of Zelda” Nintendo promises a battery life of 5.5 hours – nearly a double of the series that is currently being sold.

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Maximum playing time without refueling: up to 9 hours.

The improved version also greatly outperforms the Nintendo Switch Lite handheld model , which will be available in a few weeks (end of September).

Nintendo Switch with better battery performance: how do you recognize the new model?

When buying a Nintendo Switch, you will have to pay attention to the small print of the pack and read the product description very carefully so as not to accidentally purchase the “old” switch. The previous switch has the model name HAC-001 – the new model can be recognized by the HAC-001- 01 marking . All other technical data and the scope of delivery remain unchanged.

Tip: If possible, you should wait a few weeks before you get the Nintendo Switch for the purchase of a new model. The price is likely to be identical – but you get a much better game console for your money, which is particularly noticeable when you use the switch on the road and off the power cord.

Bargain hunters can assume that available bundles (such as “Pokémon: Let’s Go”, “Super Smash Bros.”, etc.) are sold off at cheaper prices. Official bundles, which will be delivered from September, should already contain the new model.

The market price for the Nintendo Switch (gray or neon-red / neon-blue) is currently around 310 euros – offers for prices around 290 euros are especially favorable.

How to Access Nintendo eShop From Any Country

How to Access Nintendo eShop From Any Country

Since the Nintendo Switch does not have a regional lock, you can create multiple user IDs and access eShops in the US or Japan. However, many questions arise. How to create a user ID for another country and play games from other eShops with your own account? These are just some of the questions we want to answer below.

If you want to change the Nintendo Switch eShop region , you can do it in a few easy steps. To do this, you’ll need to create multiple profiles on the Nintendo Switch and associate each profile with a user ID that you’ve created with the appropriate country. So you can buy digital games from other countries and play them on your country account.

Nintendo Switch: How to access eShops from other countries

As mentioned in the beginning you have to create several profiles on the switch first . For example, let’s say you have your Indian profile and just create two more profiles with the nickname tag “JP” for Japan and “US” for America. So you can see at a glance which profile is intended for which eShop.

As a next step, you will now need to create corresponding regional user IDs for these profiles . You do this as follows:

  • Visit the site and click on the button to create a new Nintendo account .
  • You are doing exactly as we have already explained to you when creating a user ID .
  • The only difference is that you ‘re listing the country you want to access on the eShop.
  • In our case, we create two accounts, once for Japan and once for the United States.
  • You do not have to enter an address from the respective country, it is only important that you enter a valid e-mail address , as this will send a confirmation code .
  • Have you done that, you switch back to the Nintendo Switch and linked your foreign profiles with just created user IDs under System Settings ? Users .
nintendo switch eshop region

FAQ for using different eShops

If you access the eShop via the menu of the Nintendo Switch , you will always be asked which of your profiles you want to use and can easily switch between the contents of different countries. In the Japanese eShop you can already buy and play Puyo Puyo Tetris , as it is a launch title in Japan , but not in India.

In this way you can already enjoy playing games where the release date is in other countries earlier is than ours. However, in connection with this mechanics, there are still some questions that have arisen in the community. We want to answer some of them below.

Is it possible to play games from eShops of other countries in India?

This can not be answered in general for all games with yes or no. So some games from the Japanese eShop already come with the option to be able to set them at least in English. The Nintendo Switch will automatically detect the set system language of your console and then set it.

Which methods of payment are possible in eShops of other countries?

Currently, according to universalaide , it is still not possible to use your credit cards in other eShop regions for payment. But what works in any case, is the redemption of prepaid cards for the eShop . In addition, you can easily download free demos from other countries.

Can I play games from eShops with every account?

The account system of Nintendo Switch has been exemplary solved in this regard. Between the profiles on your switch you can switch to fluent at any time. Not only before visiting the e-shop you will be asked which account you want to use, even if you start a game, that will be checked again.

All your profiles will be displayed to you at the top left of the screen at any time and you can switch between them whenever you want. In which eShop you have bought the game, it does not matter . Each profile has access to the purchased content from another profile on your console.

Nintendo unveils cardboard Labo VR headset for the Switch

Nintendo unveils cardboard Labo VR headset for the Switch

The Nintendo Switch gets a cardboard VR headset for self-mating. With this Labo kit, users can slip into the skin of an elephant or take off as a bird.

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2017, there are rumors that the manufacturer wants to publish its own headset for virtual reality applications. Now it was officially announced – but completely different than expected. The VR glasses appear as another craft kit within the Labo range and, like the packages already available, is designed as a mix of foldable cardboard and the hardware of the Switch.

nintendo switch vr review

For basic VR features, users need to buy a starter kit that they can use to make a more or less classic headset out of cardboard and plastic along with the mobile part of the switch. However, no one should expect a particularly good image quality: the lenses are made of plastic, the resolution is theoretically just 640 x 720 pixels per eye – as parts of the screen are probably covered, it should actually be a bit less.

In addition, the starter kit is a craft sheet for a blaster, so a kind of VR cannon. In addition, there are two extensions that allow users to fold a VR elephant trunk, as well as similar arches for a bird, a camera and a wind pedal – what the latter should be and what you can do with it remains for the time being the secret of Nintendo. As always with Labo there are software for the objects, so an interactive crafting instructions and games. So far there is no further information available.

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nintendo switch vr labo

The VR-craft arches will appear on 12 April 2019 worldwide. Nintendo has not yet called prices, but in the US, the starter kit will cost around 40 US dollars, the extensions are available for $ 20 each. Optionally, there is a complete package for around 80 US dollars. In Europe, prices are likely to be in similar regions. According to Nintendo, the VR mode is suitable for children over the age of seven.