A Four Year Old Approaches Death

“Life has no formula,” someone has said. Other views define life, but the most important is the one that concludes it is a God given gift. But, depending on the part of the world in which you live life can be long and prosperous, or it can be short and very painful. For those living in the poor nation of Malawi the latter is often the plight of the young. Such large numbers never reach their fifth birthday. Diseases such as malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, meningitis, eye infections, oral conditions, skin conditions and a number of other problems shorten lives drastically. These are not so prevalent in western nations. Add to this list HIV/AIDS related suffering, tuberculosis and cancer and life holds challenges that often cannot be controlled, or even influenced.

Gowa health Center is located 193 kilometers north of Zomba, Malawi in a very remote, rural area. Recently Wilson Tembo, who handles medical distribution for the Malawi Project, visited this facility. He saw the intense need to join together in order to deal with the suffering of common people. He tells the story of one child he saw while visiting the center.
Entering the children’s ward Wilson found a 4-year-old-boy battling for life. He was inching ever closer to the death line. In spite of his critical condition his mother felt there was hope.
“There is a change now. When we came here last night the situation was worse,” she indicated. Little James was bathed in sweat and breathing fast, and although he had received medical attention he was still in very critical pain. Yet hope springs eternal, and perhaps there is enough medicine and medical care. Perhaps they got him to the hospital in time. Perhaps he will live this time. Just perhaps!
Like many other centers country wide, the facility is faced with numerous challenges. Acquiring drugs, supplies and equipment remains an unachievable task to adequately serve the large populations in this remote area. This medical facility is located in a remote village, and has been bringing hope to people like James for 75 years.
Just as is the case in many other health care facilities, the Malawi Project has been knocking on this facility’s door often. The aid being delivered all over Malawi is primarily the joint work of Universal Aide Society and the Malawi Project. With the Project’s nationwide distribution system in Malawi Universal Aide has been able to deliver millions upon millions of dollars in medical aid to over 145 medical facilities and hospitals. For over 10 years Universal has been sending medical supplies and equipment to this center. Unlike other centres in urban areas, where people can choose where to get medical treatment, people in this area have no choice. Therefore any case where no supplies are available can mean a loss of life. Universal Aide is making a life and death difference in the lives of people all over Malawi. 


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