Touching Thousands of Lives

With shipments of aid reaching so many parts of the world, thousands of lives are being saved by this work. This is the conclusion of Suzi Stephens, a registered nurse, and Medical Director for the Malawi Project, a faith-based humanitarian aid group working in the tiny nation of Malawi since 1993.

“Universal Aide has been sending us assistance almost from the beginning of our work in Africa,” she continues. “We have build one 110-bed complex, and are currently starting another one in Malawi, thanks to aid from Universal. Over 100 hospitals have benefited from Universal’s chain of assistance, and because of them we have just opened a new medical facility in South Sudan. At last count over 100 healthcare, and medical facilities, in Malawi have benefited from Universal’s help.”

“With this amount of aid there are literally hundreds of stories of people who have been helped by these resources. This is just one of them,” Stephens notes in her continued recognition of the assistance received from Shirley Gremyachev, Universal’s Director.

Universal recently received a request for another shipment of aid to Malawi, the third poorest nation on earth. In turn Universal sought the assistance of Compassionate Resources Warehouse, to source the supplies. Combining this assistance with that of the Malawi Project, a trailer of medical supplies, clothing, and other resources were shipped to Malawi.

Rose is One of Thousands

After the arrival of the supplies at the Namikango Mission, in southern Malawi, a group of 270 orphans were brought together near Zomba to receive much needed assistance. They were given clothing and school supplies. One of those served was little Rose, a two-year-old whose mother died two years ago, and who is now being cared for by her 11-year-old aunt, Joyce, and her aged grandparents, who are also caring for 9 other children whose parents have passed away.

In remarks delivered at the distribution of supplies, Wilson Tembo from Namikango Mission encouraged the volunteers to remain committed in serving others and said the price is up in heaven. He continued to motivate the orphans that no longer should they consider themselves orphans, because their parent is God in heaven, and He gives everything to those who ask Him. “Your future rests in the hands of God, and I would wish to encourage you to see the future with positive and you will achieve in life” He said.

Children like Rose have no hope for their future without the aid of 1st world nations who have the resources to help with a step up in education, in life style, and in their future. All over Malawi, and all over Africa, there are children like Rose, Joyce, and the 270 pictured with this story. Universal is making a difference in their future.

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