Lilongwe, Malawi … On Sunday 12 June 2016, the Nation Newspaper Sunday edition blasted this warning across its front page in large black letters; MORE CAUGHT IN THE JAWS OF HUNGER.

This is nothing new to village people who are suffering from the intense famine caused primarily by too little rain in some areas, too much rain in others, the devaluation of the Kwacha that dropped it to half its pre-devaluation value, and the failure to have adequate funds, or resources to plan an escape from the oncoming problem.

Estimates earlier in the year, by the government of 2.8 million people facing starvation were seriously underestimated. Even that figure, for a nation of slightly less that 18 million, bought a declaration of a State of Emergency. The most current estimates, that of 8.4 million facing a food shortage, at the least a full 39% of the total population of the nation signals a catastrophic situation looming just over the horizon, if aid is not forthcoming.

The Malawi Project, Universal Aid, and World Emergency Relief have teamed up with their contributors in an attempt to stem the tide of suffering in a number of districts in Malawi. Food is being purchased locally when possible, while 40-foot trailers of food are being sent from the U.S. to arrive in Malawi and feed those most vulnerable. The Project is not new to this type situation because of its efforts and network of support during the 2002-03 famine when over a million dollars in food assistance was made available to the country.


Lilongwe, Malawi … What greater nightmare can you have than to be a prison official and have someone run to tell you the prison stores are out of food, none is on the way, and you have 2,000 prisoners who depend on you to feed them? Perhaps a greater nightmare is not the one for the officials themselves, but the dreaded fear that grips the inmates when they realize the food supplies are running out.

In a frontpage story in the DAILY TIMES newspaper on 10 June 2016 the newspaper reported prisoners in the Zomba prison expressing some degree of rebellion over the food shortage. The paper, established in 1895 revealed the institution has run out of funds to feed the prisoners, last paying its food suppliers in November 2015. The suppliers have had to suspend food shipments until the back bills are caught up.

The food shortage is also affecting other prisons, according to Josephine Chinele, the reporter who broke the story. According to her inmates in some of the prisons are eating only 1 meal a day.

The Malawi Project, World Emergency Relief, and Universal Aid in Canada are sending food to a warehouse in southern Malawi for assistance to be given to the prison system. Not only will food be given, but one of the innovative walk behind tractors will soon be donated to the largest prison in the country to assist them to raise food themselves.

A Four Year Old Approaches Death

“Life has no formula,” someone has said. Other views define life, but the most important is the one that concludes it is a God given gift. But, depending on the part of the world in which you live life can be long and prosperous, or it can be short and very painful. For those living in the poor nation of Malawi the latter is often the plight of the young. Such large numbers never reach their fifth birthday. Diseases such as malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, meningitis, eye infections, oral conditions, skin conditions and a number of other problems shorten lives drastically. These are not so prevalent in western nations. Add to this list HIV/AIDS related suffering, tuberculosis and cancer and life holds challenges that often cannot be controlled, or even influenced.

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Touching Thousands of Lives

With shipments of aid reaching so many parts of the world, thousands of lives are being saved by this work. This is the conclusion of Suzi Stephens, a registered nurse, and Medical Director for the Malawi Project, a faith-based humanitarian aid group working in the tiny nation of Malawi since 1993. Click for more »

Universal Aide Opens African Doors

“Where is Malawi?” It was a question we were hearing everywhere we went. No one knew where Malawi was located. Some thought it must be in the Hawaiian Islands, others said someplace near Nigeria … maybe. But most just looked at us with a blank stare and waited for us to explain where this unpretentious nation resided on the world map. It was hard to be critical because when one opens a world map the nation of Malawi is little more than a tiny yellow dot deep in the interior of Africa. To top off the image of invisibility tiny Malawi has never been in a war with any of its neighbors, has never been invaded by a foe, and holds democratic elections for its public officials without armed conflict. Malawi has few resources, and does not sit at a strategic crossroads of political influence. If one had a hard time finding people who knew the location of Malawi, it was even more difficult to find anyone, anywhere who knew anything about the Malawi Project. After all, it was only two years old and still trying to find its wings. Click for more »

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