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Faces and Hands and Hope

In the times of famine in the deep, silent parts of Africa there are painful visions suffering that cross your line of vision and never seem to go away. Such are the views of despair that keep crossing the paths of the people of the tiny nation of Malawi. Year after year the hapless inhabitants of this nation of 13,000,000, in what is considered to be the 3rd or 4th poorest nation on earth, struggle to raise their gardens only to have too much or too little rain near the end of the season. Crops die and despair, hopelessness, and death pounce on the unsuspecting people like a waiting lion in a patch of dry grass.


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Container Ministry Photo

Shelton Lewis sharing the corn meal he donated for the poor of South Africa

A handicapped woman benefiting from the corn meal

Happy children

The Head of the Project

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